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Stay ahead - Learn new skills to keep you at the cutting edge of your field

Save time - We’ve done the research for you and distilled it into practical, easy to use resources

Improve your service - Translate your exercise and health knowledge into services that get long-lasting results

Professional development that you can apply

All Applied 8 resources are developed using three guiding principles that will help you put your learning into practice with confidence:

  • Evidence is essential

    We focus on topics that are backed up by evidence and proven to have a positive impact.

  • Tools help translation

    Get tools like templates, client handouts and info sheets that you can use to translate your learning into practice straight away.

  • Time is precious

    Bite sized online education that gives you the key information you need, without taking days out of your schedule.

What people are saying

  • Engaging

    ‘Educational and interesting course. Great use of case studies to provide examples’.

  • Well delivered

    'Good information, delivered well, and put into a working context – made the course enjoyable to participate in’.

  • Relevant

    'I can definitely see how I can work through these methods with my patients’.

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