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For your allied health professional group

Applied 8 offers courses and resources that are designed to suit a wide variety of allied health professional groups - large and small:

  • For therapeutic allied health professionals

    We're talking OTs, Exercise Physiologists, Physios, Speech Pathologists, Podiatrists, Dietitians and any other allied health professional group who has expertise in providing therapeutic services. The therapy you provide helps people recover from injuries, increase their independence and build skills to live healthier, happier lives. Applied 8 has courses and resources on topics that can help you with things like increasing the impact of the therapy you deliver, through to how you can help nurture the skills and competence of those who are learning the ropes in your profession.

  • For scientific allied health professionals

    Scientific allied health professionals have specialised skill sets that are essential for helping clients and patients get the right care and treatment for them. You scan, analyse, measure and test using advanced techniques and technologies. You're the Radiographers, Sonographers, Respiratory Scientists, Sleep Scientists, Cardiac Physiologists, Neurophysiologists, Pharmacists, Medical Radiation Practitioners and other scientific groups who make the complex seem simple to the patients you see. Applied 8 has courses and resources on topics that can help you with things like the client facing parts of your job, through to how to create high quality learning experiences in your workplace for students who are interested to join your in-demand workforces.

  • For psycho-social allied health professionals

    The evidence is in... psychological and social wellbeing are two of the most important factors for good health in today's world. If you're a Psychologist, Social Worker, Counsellor or any allied health professional who provides psychosocial services, then you're the backbone of putting this evidence into practice to enable people to be their best selves. Applied 8 has courses and resources on topics that can help you with things including any client education that you do as part of your role, as well as with building skills to support students who you supervise or work with.

  • Extra courses and resources for exercise focused allied health professionals

    Exercise is one of the most effective, yet often under-utilised methods for helping people improve their health. At Applied 8, the majority of our offerings are designed to suit a variety of allied health professional groups. But, on top of this, we also offer some courses and resources that have a focus on exercise. If you're an exercise focused allied health professional, like an Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist, Physio, or any other allied health practitioner that uses exercise in their toolkit of interventions, this is relevant to you. In addition to our general options, look for our courses and resources on topics like skill acquisition, motor learning and the roles of exercise professionals in healthcare.

Professional development that you can apply

All Applied 8 resources are developed using three guiding principles that will help you put your learning into practice with confidence:

  • Evidence is essential

    We focus on topics that are backed up by evidence and proven to have a positive impact.

  • Tools help translation

    Get tools like templates, handouts and infographics that you can use to translate your learning into practice straight away.

  • Time is precious

    Bite sized education that gives you the key information you need, without taking days out of your schedule.

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