Build your leadership skills

Learn leadership capabilities to take the next LEAP in your profession, within your team or across the allied health sector.

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    4 hours (self-paced)

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    4 CPD points

Designed for allied health

This course is for allied health professionals working in any sector (including private practice, hopitals, public health services, the NDIS, aged care, health promotion or any other setting) who want to display leadership and lead others.

This course in a sentence: A to-the-point video course on leadership for allied health professionals, focusing on key mindsets and practical skills to help you be an effective and respected leader.

What you'll get out of this course

After completing this course you will:

  • Understand how to think like a leader using key leadership mindsets

  • Be equipped to act like a leader using proven practical leadership skills

  • Feel more confident to use your leadership capabilities to navigate tricky situations

  • Have go-to strategies you can use to help you better enjoy leadership and increase your leadership longevity

  • Get evidence based resources and downloads that you can use to lead yourself and those around you

Included in this course

Your toolkit

  • Leadership Models

    Learn how to be more of a transformative leader (and less of a transactional leader)

  • Leadership Mindsets

    Learn how to think strategically and pull yourself out of the weeds

  • Leadership Hard Skills

    Learn how to use "soft skills" to communicate with influence and provide feedback like a leader

  • Leadership Resilience

    Learn practical approaches to help you survive and thrive in leadership positions

  • Crucial Conversations

    This course includes an extended module on crucial conversations to help you tackle challenging situations

Lead Instructor

Ned Jelbart

Ned is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Educator. He has over 18 years experience working across the health and education fields. Ned has worked as an Exercise Physiologist in private practice, and in education positions at the Australian Institute of Sport, the Canberra Hospital and the tertiary education sector. Ned is an Allied Health Leader, passionate about the role of education in supporting allied health professionals to build capability and reach their goals.

The ESSA Professional Development Committee certifies that this Professional Development offering meets the criteria for 4 ESSA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.

This course may also be used to help meet continuing professional development requirements in other allied health professional groups as relevant - this course is 4 hours.  

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • Outline and use 5 leadership mindsets

  • Describe key "hard skills" of leadership

  • Identify strategies to increase your positive influence as a leader

  • Recognise challenges of leadership and take steps to increase your leadership resilience

What people who've completed CPD with Applied 8 are saying:

  • 'The information was well structured and transferred into practice'.

  • 'Simple to follow, really high level and high quality information'.

  • 'Very evidence based, can be sure you are receiving great quality information'.


  • What type of online course is this (and when can I access it)?

    This course is fully online and flexible. Once you log in you get access to the full course. It’s not limited to run on a certain date or time like some online courses are – it’s always open (for 12 months after the date of purchase). Complete it all in one go or do it in parts when it suits you.

  • How is this course delivered?

    This course is video based. Each module consists of a series of short videos that outline key concepts and how to apply them in practice. As a course participant you'll also get access to a downloadable PDF of the course materials at the end of the course.

  • How long does it take to complete this course?

    Around 4 hours (depending on the speed you like to learn at).

  • When will I get my completion certificate?

    Once you successfully complete the quiz at the end of the course you’ll get your electronic completion certificate straight away.

  • Who is this course suited to?

    This course is suited to allied health leaders of today and tomorrow. If you're an existing leader, this course includes strategies and resources to help you consolidate and strengthen your leadership capabilities. If you're an emerging leader, this course will help you build leadership skills (on-top of your clinical skills) to open up a new range of career opportunities.

  • Why this course?

    There are lots of leadership courses out there, so why choose this one? Because it's designed for allied health professionals and to fit in with the work you do. Some leadership courses take multiple days to complete and cost $1000's. In the space of half a day (or less), at times that suit you, get a strong foundation of leadership mindsets and skills that you can use with clients, colleagues and other leaders for years to come.

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This course is specifically designed for Australian Allied Health Professionals

Course layout

Once you complete this course (including the quiz) you'll get your completion certificate straight away.

  • 1


    • My Journey

  • 2

    The Foundation

    • Leadership in Theory

    • Leadership v Management

    • Leadership in Practice

    • Traits of Good Leaders (version 2.0)

  • 3

    Leadership Mindsets

    • Getting Up on the Mezzanine

    • Nudging

    • Framing

    • A Culture of Learning

    • Psychological Safety

  • 4

    Leadership Hard Skills

    • Communication

    • Feedback

    • Crucial Conversations

    • Crossing into Management

    • Summary

  • 5


    • The Realities of Leadership

    • Looking After Yourself

  • 6

    Wrapping Up

    • Thanks

    • Downloadable Resource (Course PDF)

    • Course Reference List

    • Next Steps

    • Quiz

    • Survey