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When you're working with a client, there can be 100's of things you'd like to do to help them reach their goals > prescribe exercises, build motivation, track progress etc. Even when your ideas are infinite, time isn't. Sometimes things (often including motor learning) fall off the list.

Research has shown that using the principles of skill acquisition and motor learning can be one of the most effective ways to help clients learn new exercises and retain the improvements they make over time. The Motor Map resource provides a quick and easy reference point that you can use to help keep some of the key components of motor learning (and their benefits) on the radar for you and your clients.

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Topics covered include zone of proximal development, scaffolding, feedback, deliberate practice, scheduling practice and evaluating for performance. See the video below for a look inside this course (or check out the course landing page for full details).
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Motor Learning Tools for Exercise Professionals