Productive Independent Learning Activities (PILAs)

Hosting students on placement can be rewarding. But it can also be hard work.

Supervising sustainable placements, that don't leave you behind on your everyday work, is a two part formula: 

  1. Observation and/or work opportunities for the student under your direct supervision (like completing activities with clients); and
  2. Independent learning and application activities, where the student works by themselves under your indirect supervision (like writing-up client programs and/or doing other relevant tasks)

It's part 2 of this equation where you get to catch-up on your to do list. If given the right guidance by you, the student also gets to make a contribution that adds value to the services you offer (which is rewarding for everyone). 

The PILAs resource provides a quick reference guide to three activities that tick all three boxes of being productive, independent and conducive to learning for students on placement. 

Your free download: Placement PILAs.pdf

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